Steps to a Building Permit

Man Building Deck

  1. Call, visit or email the Loveland Building and Zoning Department: Staff will explain the requirements regarding your project and an application will be given to you, or you can download an application here.
  2. Submit the application: You will be asked to document "who" will perform the work, "what" work will be done, "where" the work will be done and "how" the work will be done. The application will require accompanying documentation, depending on the nature of your project. for information on what documentation is required.
  3. The review process: Staff will determine if your project is in compliance with the construction codes and other city and state ordinances and statutes.
  4. Receive results of your review: If in compliance with the building code and zoning regulations, a permit is approved. If in noncompliance, your permit will be withheld until corrections are made to the plan.
  5. Receive permit: A fee will be collected and you may proceed as approved. Any changes must be sent back through the permit application process for review by the building and zoning department. Inspections will be performed by the department staff to determine compliance with laws and statutes.