Construction Projects

The 2021 Construction Projects

Broadway St. Stabilization- A total of $460,900 in funding from OPWC was recommended by the District to be awarded to the City of Loveland, half in a grant & half in a 0% interest 20 year loan.  The project will include a drilled pier wall and guardrail parallel to a section of Broadway St., culvert replacement across Hanna Ave. near Broadway St., other storm sewer system improvements, and pavement repairs.  Geotechnical borings and a survey were completed in 2020.  Private utility relocations were completed by early March, 2021.  The wall, guardrail and storm sewer construction contract was awarded to JTM Smith Construction.  The contractor began work March 22.  During road closures on Broadway St., the detour route of Williams St. - Oak St. - Hanna Ave. will be utilized.  Limited roadway paving is tentatively scheduled for the week of June 15, weather dependent, with guardrail installation scheduled for June 21.  The project should be complete by the end of June, 2021.

Butterworth & SR 48 Sanitary Sewer Extension- The project consists of installing 1,455 L.F. of 12" diameter sanitary sewer along SR 48 from approximately Kipp Lane to Butterworth Rd. and along Butterworth Rd. from SR 48 to the future Chimney Ridge subdivision tie-in to the south of Brandywine Lane. The sanitary sewer construction contract was awarded to Larry Smith, Inc. for $457,175.00. Work began on June 1, 2021. The work zone on SR 48 will be limited to a one-lane closure with temporary traffic signals provided to maintain 2-way traffic. Night work begins June 22. This should help cut down the overall duration (days) of the project. Crews will install the sewer pipe at night and restore trenches during the day shift. The temporary lane closure with traffic signals will remain in effect through both the day/evening. Expect traffic delays. The contract final completion date is September 30, 2021.

Miamiview Culvert ReplacementThe City of Loveland was awarded a $387,000 interest-free loan for a 20 year term from OPWC.  The project will include replacement of a concrete box culvert, headwalls, and wingwalls.  The project will also include extension of the dead end roadway on (lower) Miamiview Drive to cross over the culvert and end with a T-type turn-around, and paving.  The project construction contract was awarded to JTM Smith Construction.  Construction is expected to be complete by the end of October, 2021.

Annual Road Program– The annual road program was awarded to JK Meurer Corp.  Construction is expected to be underway in July and August.  The streets (or sections of streets) that will be included in this year's paving program include a portion of State Route 48 (from approx. 500' east of the intersection of Five Points to the northern Corporation limits near Sentry Hill Dr.), W. Loveland Ave. from Loveland-Madeira Rd. to Anniversary Park (east of Englage Ave.), Belmont Ct., Churchill Ct., Commerce Dr., Fallswood Ct., Founder's Dr., Lexington Dr., Preakness Ln., and Ravinewood Terrace. Woodcrest Dr. is a contingency street, with curb repairs and/or paving that may be added to the 2021 paving program at a later date, dependent on available remaining funds. On-street parking restrictions and minor traffic delays are expected.

Main & Chestnut Improvements- The City of Loveland was recommended by the District to receive $1,132,900 of OPWC funding (50% as a grant, 50% as an interest-free loan) for this project.  The scope of work includes replacing the 4" cast iron water main, some storm sewer improvements, and repaving on Main St., Chestnut St., S. Wall St., and Hill St.  The project also includes a complete replacement of the traffic signal at Wall St. and W. Loveland Ave., and upgrades to radar vehicular detection and GPS pre-emption there and at the traffic signal at Main St. and Loveland-Madeira Rd.  The project bid date is July 1, 2021.  Duke Energy will have some utility pole replacements on the north side of W. Loveland Ave. at Wall St. to raise overhead lines in May-June, prior to the City's project start date.  Construction of the project will carry over into 2022.

W. Loveland Ave. Bridge Improvements- The City of Loveland and Hamilton County were recommended by the District to receive an OPWC grant for replacement of the sidewalk on the north side of the County's bridge, as well as railing/walls, and bridge abutments. The City is providing a local match for the additional cost to upgrade to decorative railing and potentially the light poles. The earliest construction may begin is July, 2021 due to the timing of the State's fiscal year.  However, the project construction is expected to be somewhat delayed due to private utility relocation work.

Lever Park Court Repairs - The City has executed a contract with H.C.S. Construction for the repairs, resurfacing and striping of the basketball and tennis courts at Lever Park. The tennis courts will include new pickleball striping. The total cost of the project is $19,872. Work is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 7, weather dependent.

More Information

For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, PE, CFM City Engineer, at 683-0150 or by email.