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The City of Loveland is in the final stages for the creation of a Comprehensive Master Development Plan. Following a multi-year planning process, the City of Loveland is ready to present a draft version of the plan to the community for review. The Comprehensive Master Development Plan is a guiding policy document for how to improve the physical and social aspects of the community over the next ten years. The plan is organized into four main themes: Development, Prosperity, Neighborhoods, and Assets. 

 2022 CMDP front page

The Comprehensive Master Development Plan Steering Committee has been hard at work preparing several concepts for the use of vacant land, the instalment of safe and convenient pathways, including sidewalk expansions and crosswalks that will connect neighborhoods to Loveland-Madeira Road and downtown. Additional land use designations and a Future Land Use Map, the first of its kind for the city, are proposed to supplement a variety of housing stock for different classifications of homeowners.

The plan also proposes to take advantage of the city’s natural resources to enhance access to outdoor recreation, use of open spaces and connecting pedestrian, bicycle, and road networks. Emphasis was placed on enhancing the Commerce Park filling the vacancy of its final lot, entryway signage, and road maintenance. In addition, the Loveland-Madeira Road Corridor was highlighted as a prominent feature of the plan with a weighted degree of importance.  

On Monday December 13, 2021, the committee held the second of two community engagement events showcasing the proposed plan. Feedback and remarks were provided and can be found here.  

Other documents from previous meetings can be found below:

PROPOSED DRAFT - Comprehensive Master Development Plan

Future land Use Map (draft)

Future Land Use Opportunity Areas (draft)

Loveland-Madeira Road Corridor (draft)

Loveland-Madeira Rd - Chestnut Street Survey

Commerce Park Survey

Public Survey Results from 8-29-21 event

Public Survey Results from 12-13-21 Event


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