Second Street/State Route 48 Improvement (Mobil Station)

Mobil SignIn August 2022, the city, working in partnership with the Adams County Land Bank, took possession of the former Mobil Station site (106 West Loveland Avenue) after the prior owner concluded fuel center and retail operations. Once the site is remediated, a right turn lane will be added along State Route 48 to improve traffic flow turning onto West Loveland Avenue. 

With the cessation of fuel center activities on the site and the associated transfer of the property to the land bank, the city will begin the process of completing the environmental inspections required to demolish the former fuel center, remove the existing underground storage tanks, and pursue additional funding to assist in remediating current known and unknown issues associated with the past fuel center use. To date on the site, asbestos testing work has been completed, which allows demolition efforts to proceed through the State of Ohio Demolition Grant program administered through Clermont County. Once testing results are confirmed, the county will then bid the demolition out as part of the grant process. Additionally, with the transfer of the property, the city authorized testing to determine if there are existing, undocumented petroleum releases associated with any active underground storage tanks on site. 

Project Updates

August 19, 2022
While the remediation process takes place, stop blocks have been placed around the property's perimeter to prevent unauthorized access and eliminate potential traffic safety issues associated with “cut-through” traffic on the site or unauthorized vehicle trespass.

September 16, 2022
A sign reading “Traffic Improvements Coming” was placed at the site to help keep residents informed.

October 28, 2022
Consulting with the city’s environmental consultant Patriot Engineering, the city finalized and submitted an application to the Ohio Abandoned Gas Station Grant Program for funds to accomplish remediation of the site. Once the application is approved and funds are received, further activities will take place.

November 4, 2022
Patriot Engineering provided oversight services required to conduct the temporary closure in place of all formerly active underground storage tanks located on the property. The closure reports will be filed with the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks (BUSTR) to document that the tanks are out of commission, sealed, and no longer active. This critical activity is part of the process to prepare the site for eventual demolition activities. Additional materials were submitted to the Ohio Department of Development for the Abandoned Gas Station Grant application. 

November 21, 2022
Core and drilling samples have been completed in furtherance of the city’s pursuit of Abandoned Gas Station Grant Program funds through the Ohio Department of Development. 

December 2, 2022
The site geophysical survey as part of the State of Ohio Abandoned Gas Station Grant program approval process was completed. Now, the geophysical survey, asbestos report, site map, and asbestos ifindings report are being forwarded to the Ohio Department of Development for final review. Once funding is confirmed, work will commence to demolish the structure, remove the tanks, and remediate environmental conditions.

December 9, 2022
The city received notice that the remediation project and Ohio Abandoned Gas Station Program grant has been recommended for approval by the Ohio Department of Development and will be forwarded to the Controlling Board for final approval. Once the funding is secured, it is anticipated that work will commence quickly.

January 9, 2023
The city's Abandoned Gas Station Grant Program funding application is being forwarded to the State Controlling Board for final approval. Once the grant agreement is approved by the State Controlling Board, the funds will be released, and demolition and tank removal activities can then commence. Once the demolition and removal activities are finalized, testing and monitoring will commence to remediate any petroleum releases identified during the demolition and closure activities. 

Maps & Photos

Mobil 1 Mobil 2 


City Contact: Cory Wright, Assistant City Manager, (513) 583-3020