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Council Request

  1. Committee Application
  1. Request To Appear Before City Council

    Submit the form to request an appearance before the City Council.

Love and Flowers Contest

  1. Love & Flowers Contest: Summer 2021 Nomination Form

    The City of Loveland presents the Love & Flowers Contest: Summer 2021, a beautification project inviting residents to enhance their... More…

Loveland U

  1. Loveland U Application

    Loveland U is an interactive adult learning program where you will encounter an exclusive "look behind the scenes" of the Loveland... More…

Police Department

  1. Peddlers and Soliciting Permit Application

    All businesses conducting door to door solicitation or distributing printed advertisements are required to apply for a Peddlers and... More…

  2. Voluntary (Witness) Statement

    This form should be used to supplement a report by the Loveland Police Department. Typically, this form should only be completed when... More…

  1. Police Department Complaint and Feedback Form

    This form is for you to provide positive and constructive feedback about the performance of the Loveland Police Department.


  1. Tax Questions

    The purpose of this form is to request tax information from the City of Loveland.