Posted on: 2017-05-01

Changes to Downtown Loveland Parking

Downtown visitors will soon see changes to the way parking is managed.

Downtown Parking Advisory Committee (DPAC) – recommended parking solutions will be implemented before next month, said City Manager David Kennedy. These solutions will address on-street and off-street parking areas, setting time limits for short- and long-term parking, creating a more inviting area for downtown visitors, residents and patrons.

The parking solutions will designate two-hour, four-hour and eight-hour parking locations throughout downtown Loveland. On-street parking will be limited to two hours – allowing a quicker turnover for short-term visitors.

Parking near Nisbet Park, the downtown park, and the lot nearest Bob Ronker’s Running Spot, plus the parking area near Montgomery Cyclery and Plaid Room Records will have four-hour limits. Parking near City Hall will include four-hour parking in front of The Works restaurant and eight-hour parking behind the buildings nearest Paxton’s Grill. The new Linda J. Cox Trailside Parking Lot – across the trail from Eads Hardware and Loveland Canoe and Kayak Outfitters – plus the East Loveland Nature Preserve parking lot will allow eight-hour parking to accommodate cyclists and downtown business employees.

The Loveland Police Department will issue warning notices – but not citations – beginning May 1 through June 30, 2017, allowing visitors, residents, and patrons time to adjust to the parking solutions and locate the appropriate parking site for their visit.

For Questions, call David Kennedy, City Manager at 513-707-1454