City Council Meeting including Energy Aggregation Public Hearing

City Council Meeting including Energy Aggregation Public Hearing

Date & Time: Feb 12 2013 - 8:00

City council will meet in the council chambers. To view the streaming meeting, click here.



The City of Loveland will hold two public hearings on its Natural Gas and Electric Aggregation Programs’ Plan of Operation and Governance.   The public hearings will be held at City Hall located at 120 West Loveland Avenue, Loveland, Ohio, on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 11 a.m. and on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, at 8 p.m.

On November 6, 2012, Loveland voters passed ballot questions, which authorized the City to form a Governmental Natural Gas Aggregation program and a Governmental Electric Aggregation program for the purchase of natural gas and electric, respectively, on behalf of Loveland residents.  The City of Loveland shall adopt its Plans of Operation and Governance for electric and natural gas pursuant to Sections 4928.20 (C) and 4929.26 (C) of the Ohio Revised Code, respectively, and develop opt-out aggregation programs following the procedures set forth in Ohio Revised Code Section 4928.20 and 4929.26.

The Plans of Operation and Governance will describe services provided, professional assistance used, determination of rates, opt-out procedures, customer billing procedures, credit procedures and joining/leaving the aggregation procedures. All eligible customers who receive natural gas and/or electric supply service from Duke Energy will be included in the City’s aggregation programs. If an acceptable supply offer is received, eligible customers will receive a mailing notifying them of the program rates, terms and conditions and their right to opt-out.

Individuals with disabilities requiring special accommodations that wish to attend this hearing should call 513-707-1437 at least seven (7) days in advance so arrangements can be made.