City Council Goals

City Council Goals

City Council goals are established at an open work session with Council members and City staff. These goals are set to shape the Loveland community’s future and protect the community’s assets. Council’s current goals, which were established in Resolution 2011-11, are as follows:

1. The City shall substantially advance the Loveland Station Project, balancing the community’s long-term vision for historic Loveland with the potential for high-end residential development; and the City shall endeavor to connect historic Loveland with opportunities for redevelopment along Loveland Madeira Road.

2. The City shall seek to control its own destiny regarding the delivery of utilities to provide the most cost-effective and sustainable services to the ratepayers.

3. The City shall use fiscal stewardship, performance measurement and continuous improvement to maintain service levels as much as possible, cut service levels where necessary, and raise revenues where feasible. The City shall engage the community in discourse to identify, quantify, develop and communicate action plans to address growing differences between reduced revenues and service requirements.

4. The City shall endeavor to improve its parks and grounds to meet the needs of residents, visitors and active recreation participants. The city shall challenge our existing operating model, rigorously prioritizing needs, and creatively seeking alternative funding sources for recreation.