City Manager’s Office

City Manager’s Office

The City of Loveland operates under a Council-Manager form of government, whereby the City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The City Manager’s Office is responsible for overseeing all day-to-day City operations, insuring financial stability, and fostering sound financial management practices, facilitating strategic planning for future growth and development, as well as operational efficiency and maintaining the City’s overall commitment to providing high quality services to the Loveland community.

The City of Loveland is dedicated to: Protecting and strengthening our neighborhoods and natural resources, improving economic vitality, enhancing our hometown charm and quality of life, and fostering long-term community stability while achieving balanced growth.

In our city organization, we value and are committed to:

  • Honesty and Integrity: It is our duty and responsibility to be truthful and ethical in our associations with one another and the public by being committed to open communication, respectfulness and loyalty.
  • Customer-Oriented Service: We recognize that we serve the public and they deserve our conscientious approach to services by our commitment to a strong work ethic and being responsive, reliable, caring and compassionate.
  • Continuous Improvement: With ongoing assessment and enhancement of service delivery, our commitment to teamwork and cooperation will be accomplished through consistency, knowledge, competence, efficiency and effectiveness.

The City Manager’s Office is located at 120 West Loveland Avenue, and can be reached directly by calling City Hall at (513) 683-0150.

What We Do and Contact

Dave Kennedy, City Manager, Email

Dave Kennedy

The City Manager is appointed by City Council and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and head of the administrative branch of the City of Loveland.  The City Manager is appointed by City Council and is responsible for the administration of City affairs, the supervision of all City departments, preparation of the annual operating budget and oversight of financial condition, and the enforcement of laws and ordinances within the City.  The manager is also responsible for the appointment and removal of city personnel and assists City Council through the proposal of policy measures and initiatives for its consideration.



 Misty Cheshire, Executive Assistant/Clerk of Council, Email

Misty Cheshire

The Executive Assistant, (who also serves as the Clerk of Council), provides general administrative support to all departments in the City organization.  The Executive Assistant is also responsible for preparation of City Council packets, correspondences for the office, information about City facilities and services, and general office management.