The City of Loveland provides many opportunities to members of the resident and business community to get involved in a variety of ways. Below is a listing of existing boards, commissions and committees.

To submit an application to serve on a city committee complete the volunteer application and return to the Clerk of Council

Volunteer Application

List of Committees

The Loveland Beautification Committee is charged with the beautification of Loveland through design, organization and implementation of plantings that enhance the appeal of our city. Annual events include Spring Planting Day, and the Fall and Winter Displays. For more information, click here.

  • Board of Zoning Appeals:
The Zoning Board of Appeals hears and determines appeals from decisions of the Development Director and Planning and Zoning Commission and requests for variances from building and zoning regulations. Meeting information can be found here.
  • Brandywine on the Little Miami Equalization Board
  • City Records Commission:

The function of the City Records Commission is to organize and implement records retention and disposal per the established guidelines.

  • Civil Service Commission:

The Civil Service Commission makes, adopts and oversees compliance with rules and regulations related to the appointment, promotion, removal and compensation of employees in the classified service of the city.

  • Community Improvement Corporation (CIC):

The CIC of Loveland serves an economic development agency by advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of Loveland.

  • Downtown Parking Advisory Committee (DPAC):
The Downtown Parking Advisory Committee (DPAC) assists City Council by making recommendations regarding the implementation of the City’s downtown parking plans and policies, helping educate the public about parking issues, and working with stakeholders to receive input and involvement in parking decisions that affect the public.
  • Fifty Forward Committee:

The Fifty Forward Committee provides for the development, maintenance and operation of programs for 50+ residents in Loveland.

  • Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee provides recommendations to City Council on financial matters of the City involving the annual operating and capital budget.

  • Hermitage Pointe Lighting District
  • Law & Ordinance Committee:

The Law and Ordinance Committee’s function is to review proposed laws and ordinances for clarity, accuracy, and legality prior to Council consideration.

  • Planning and Zoning Commission:

The Planning and Zoning Commission provides for planning and regulations covering the platting of all lands which are subject to control by the municipality. For meeting information, click here.

  • Public Relations and Communications Committee:
This Committee assists City Council in improving communications to enhance the ability of Loveland citizens to learn about community issues, city programs, and events, and to consider marketing strategies to promote the City and improve its image.
  • Recreation Board:

The Recreation Board provides for the development, maintenance and operation of recreational facilities and programs for the city.

  • Redevelopment Advisory Committee (RAC):

The RAC was formed in November 2010 following the execution of a contract with Resurgence Group to conduct a preliminary redevelopment study of the Loveland area and identify and prioritize realistic redevelopment opportunities.  The Committee was formed to advise Resurgence Group on issues that should be considered in its redevelopment study.

  • Storm Water Committee:

The Storm Water Committee sees that the City is maintaining its Storm Water plan to help provide for cleaner streams and rivers.

  • Tax Board of Review:

The Tax Board of Review meets to examine and make recommendations pertaining to changes in the tax code.

  • Tree & Environment Committee:

The Tree & Environment Committee develops and promotes programs and practices that provide support for our Tree City USA designation and advises City Council as appropriate. The Tree & Environment Committee recommends the development of policies and promotes practices that provide environmental and economic prosperity in our community.

  • Veterans’ Memorial Committee:

The Veterans’ Memorial Committee plans Memorial Day activities and promotes the sale of paver inscriptions in Loveland’s Veterans’ Memorial Park.

  • White Pillars Equalization Board