Posted on: 2017-02-03

Loveland Police Awarded State Grant Funding for Police Mobile Video Recorders

The City of Loveland Police Department has been awarded a grant in the amount of $9,936 from the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program to be utilized towards the purchase of five (5) new Police Mobile Video Recorders (MVR).  The City will contribute a local match of $23,339 for a total project cost of $33,275.

In 2016 the city was awarded a JAG in the amount of $15,269 which was used for the purchase of four (4) new MVR’s.  This newest grant completes the outfitting of all marked police vehicles with new MVR’s at a total cost of $57,930 with grant funding totaling $25,205 and the city supplying $32,725 in local funding.

The new state of the art MVRs replace older units which were no longer under warranty resulting in costly repairs. The new MVRs record video and audio in high definition which allows for much greater clarity. Additionally, the new units record panoramic views allowing for a much greater view of the front of the windshield and include automatic wireless upload reducing staff time. Finally, the new MVR’s are compatible for body cameras if they are added by the department in the future.

Mayor Mark Fitzgerald stated, “The City is pleased to be awarded the JAG funding and continues its commitment to bring our residents tax dollars back to work for them in the City by aggressively seeking state and federal grant funding.”