Next Generation

Next Generation

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

The City of Loveland believes that a vital aspect of governing today is shaping the leaders of tomorrow.  Over the years, the City has offered programs to foster interest in professional local government and to offer young adults experience in government.

Student Government Night

2014 Student Government Night

For more than thirty years, seniors from Loveland High School spend two meetings working closely with City Council and senior staff to learn how the City of Loveland works.  Each spring, typically in April, some of the top students from Loveland High School are selected in a competitive process to spend two meetings learning how City Council works.  Each student is then paired with a member of City Council or senior staff.  The participating students spend one evening observing a typical City Council meeting.  Then, between Council meetings, students meet individually with their City official counterpart to discuss their role, the upcoming meeting agenda, and the perspective of the City official.  At the second Council meetings, students take the place of the Mayor, Council and senior staff and actually run the Council meeting.

Through this process, students are exposed to parliamentary procedure, legislative processes, the complexities of running a municipality, and politics.  Since the students selected are from among the best and brightest of the Loveland community, this process provides the future leaders of Loveland and other communities a small glimpse into the rewards and challenges of public service.

ICMA Local Government Management Fellow Program   

The City of Loveland has hosted three year-long Management Fellows through the prestigious International City County Management Association (ICMA)’s Local Government Management Fellowship program.  This program is a highly competitive career development opportunity for recent individuals completing master’s degree work in public policy, public administration, or public affairs.



Where They Are Now

Dustin C. Anderson

The City of Loveland hired its first Management Fellow in 2006 using savings from a vacancy in the Assistant City Manager position.  The City was honored to host Dustin Anderson, a graduate from the second-ranked Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.  Mr. Anderson worked on budgeting, performance measurement, public information, technology and Wi-Fi, and a number of other special projects. Dustin left the City of Loveland in 2007 after successfully completing his year-long fellowship.  The City had filled the Assistant City Manager position and did not have the ability to hire him full-time.  Mr. Anderson continued his service to local governments by joining Management Partners, a nationally-known local government consulting practice headquartered in Cincinnati.  After more than three years with Management Partners, Mr. Anderson joined the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut where he is presently serving as the Administrative Manager.

Michelle Q. Knowland

The City of Loveland hired its second Management Fellow in 2010 using savings from a vacancy in the Assistant to the City Manager position.  The City selected Michelle Knowland, a graduate from the Hubert Humprey School of Public Policy at the University of Minnesota.  Ms. Knowland worked on budgeting, performance measurement, grant-writing, green initiatives, personnel, public information, complete website overhaul, and other special projects.


The City was fortunate to offer Ms. Knowland continued employment as Management Analyst. Ms. Knowland was able to deepen her knowledge of local government by participating in union negotiations, leading the City’s award-winning budget sustainability project, and earning additional grants for the City’s recycling programs. She left the City of Loveland in the spring of 2012 to move to Germany with her new husband, who serves as a Captain in the United States Army.

Corey Schmidt

The City of Loveland hired its third Management Fellow in 2012 using savings from a vacancy in the Management Analyst position.  The City selected Corey Schmidt, a graduate from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University.  Mr. Schmidt worked on improving the budget to meet GFOA best practices standards, performance measurement, oversaw the transition to a new wellness program, updated the City’s financial policies, implementation of an energy aggregation program, and other special projects. Mr. Schmidt continues to work with the City of Loveland as the Assistant to the City Manager. He continues to coordinate the City’s budget and capital improvement program process, handles a variety of personnel duties, serves as the IT coordinator, drafts reports and legislation for City Council and committees, and works on other special projects for general administration needs.

Barfels-Waples Internship Program

From 2005 to 2013, the City Manager’s Office offered alumni of the Loveland Student Government night the opportunity to intern with the City of Loveland to further expose them to public service and to assist them in their careers.  The Barfels-Waples Management Internship is named in honor of long-serving Loveland City Manager Wayne Barfels and highly respected Loveland City School District superintendent Chuck Waples.  Both men served the community in the early years of the Student Government Night program development and were instrumental in shaping the community of Loveland today. This program was discontinued beginning with the 2013 Budget due to revenue losses.

  • Kevin McLachlan: A 2005 graduate of Loveland High School, Kevin went on to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill after he completed his internship with the City of Loveland and graduated from Miami University in Oxford.  As of 2012, Kevin has entered public service by working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in North Carolina.
  • Ana Downes: A 2009 graduate of Loveland High School, Ana is attending the prestigious Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business in Bloomington.  Her internship project with the City in 2010 was to promote recycling in the community with the goal of increasing the City’s recycling rate to above 20% of the waste stream.  Her marketing skills paid off for the City as Loveland’s recycling rates, which have continued to exceed 20% since her internship, and she completed her project in time and below budget.  She has since gone on to gain a prestigious internship with Proctor and Gamble. 
  • Samantha Cardwell:  A 2009 graduate of Loveland High School, Sam is attending the internationally renowned Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.  In 2011, Sam was one of two interns who researched, wrote and presented the Budget Sustainability presentation Citizen’s Budget Guide.  This project earned the Ohio City/County Management Association award for citizen participation in 2012 because it involved residents in the process of balancing the City’s budget in light of looming fiscal challenges stemming from changes in Ohio tax laws and reductions in state funding.
  • Natalie Siddique:  An alumna of Loveland High School from 2010, Natalie attends Boston University where she is studying International Relations and Russian & Eastern European Studies.  She is fluent in Russian.  Natalie was the co-leader with Sam Cardwell on the award-winning Budget Sustainability project.  Natalie is attending internationally renowned Moscow State University to further learn about Russia, and hopes to work in the foreign service when she graduates.
  • Marc Kutylowski: A  2006 alumnus of Loveland High School, Marc graduated from Kent State University with a degree in political science and hopes to be a City Manager someday.  He is planning to pursue a Master’s in public administration.
  • Shelby Copenhaver: A 2011 graduate of Loveland High School, Shelby attends Miami University in Oxford. Shelby interned at the City in 2012 and lead the creation of the Citizen’s Budget Guide: Election Edition. This document was utilized to communicate to residents the looming fiscal challenges and the options available to meet those challenges in advance of the November 2012 election. This document had over 1,300 downloads through the City’s website. Shelby is completing her sophomore year at MU.
Engineering Cooperative

City Engineer Cindy Klopfenstein annually hosts an engineering intern, typically a college student in a civil engineering program or a related discipline.  Engineering Coop projects include: stormwater mapping, sidewalk inspections, geographic information systems mapping and database management, cost estimation, grant writing, construction oversight, and other special projects as needed.  Through this program, students learn first-hand the challenges and rewards of a career in municipal civil engineering.