Public Works

Public Works

Scott Wisby, Public Works Director

The City of Loveland operates a full service Public Works Department that maintains many of the City’s infrastructure, including storm drainage systems, public parks, 101 lane miles of roadway and 80 miles of water main serving over 4,500 water customers.

Loveland Public Works is rather unique among municipal service departments in that it operates as a large labor and equipment pool rather than creating artificial divisions specializing in municipal functions. All the employees in Loveland’s Public Works Department plow snow, read water meters, mow grass, patch potholes, pick up dead animals along the roadway, collect leaves or chip brush, maintain equipment, and other diverse public works functions. This provides variety to the public works employees but also provides the Public Works Director and his crew leaders flexibility to assign work daily based on the needs of the community rather than be hamstrung by the silos of a larger operation. Some public works employees have developed specialties and some have important credentials (e.g. water licenses), but generally speaking all the employees are capable of doing a wide range of public works tasks in a given day.

Cindy Klopfenstein, City Engineer

The diversity of services provided by this department include the following:

  • Street construction and maintenance
  • Sign manufacturing, installation and maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Flower box planting and maintenance
  • Curb and gutter construction and maintenance
  • Storm sewer, drainage swale, and culvert construction and maintenance
  • Stormwater capital project management
  • Stormwater education and enforcement activities
  • Sidewalk repair and replacement
  • Dead animal removal and disposal
  • Set up support during and clean-up after special events
  • Water main installation and maintenance
  • Water generation and treatment
  • Building maintenance
  • Park and recreation facility maintenance
  • Brush and leaf pick-up
  • Snow removal
  • Pavement markings
  • Maintenance of traffic control lights
  • Review and approve right of way permits
  • Traffic studies
  • Coordination with Duke Energy on street light issues


  • Scott Wisby, Public Works Director, 513-683-0150, Email
  • Cindy Klopfenstein, City Engineer, 513-707-6114, Email

Water, stormwater, sewer, and trash collection are all billed through the City of Loveland.  For more information about City utilities, please visit the Utilities page.

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