Construction Projects

Construction Projects

Construction Projects


New 1 MG Water Tower- A contract to install a new 1 MG elevated water storage tank in the Commerce Park off Union Cemetery Road was awarded to CB&I Constructors, Inc. on April 24, 2013.  Construction started in July, 2013 and is anticipated to be completed in Fall of 2014.


Booster Pump Station- A contract to install a new booster pump station at Boike Park was awarded to NeCamp Construction on March 26, 2013.  Construction of the new station was performed between July and November, 2013.  Decommissioning of the old booster pump station was completed in spring, 2014.


2014 Ground Storage Tank Maintenance- Worldwide Industries Corp. was awarded a $294,500 contract to make repairs and repaint the interior and exterior of two 500,000 gallon ground storage tanks.  The work at the West tank, located in Phillips Park in Hamilton County, was completed between late July and mid-August, 2014.  The work at the East tank, located on Oak St. in Clermont County, began in early September, 2014.  The East tank will be out of service for approximately 50 days.  An interconnection with Clermont County water will be utilized while the East tank is out of service.


Water Line Replacement on Union Cemetery- The City of Loveland successfully applied for funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for a joint project with Symmes Township and Hamilton County.  The City of Loveland’s portion of the project includes a $577,750 loan with 0% interest over a 20 year term to replace the 10” diameter water line on Union Cemetery Road with a 12” diameter pipe, and a $357,550 grant for resurfacing the roadway.  Hamilton County and Symmes Township each have partial grants and matching funds that they wish to contribute to additional project scope, such as full depth pavement base repairs, limited section of new sidewalk, addition of a turn lane at Lebanon Road, etc.  Bids were opened on June 26, 2014.  The low bid of $1,508,858.00 was submitted by Sunesis Construction.

Hamilton County issued a Press Release with information about a Union Cemetery road closure during the project between Northeast Drive and Lebanon Rd., open to local traffic only.  Access to Normandy Swim Club will be available on Union Cemetery Rd. from the west.  The detour will be routed over Montgomery Rd. (US22-3) to Fields Ertel Rd. toLebanon Rd. and vice versa.  Any problems or questions about the road closure and detour should be directed to either Eric Kinder with Sunesis at 513-326-6000 or to Vince Bennett with the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office at: 513-946-8430.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by December 15, 2014.  Construction of the new waterline and storm structures are scheduled to be complete by mid-November, 2014.  Roadway construction including excavation, grading, repair, or installation of new berm and asphalt surface is scheduled between November 5-December 5, 2014.  Other site restoration and clean-ups are scheduled between December 3 and December 12, 2014.


Fifth Street Improvements-  The City of Loveland successfully applied for a partial grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for drainage and roadway improvements to Fifth Street.  The total construction cost of the project is estimated at $210,600.  OPWC is contributing a grant for $105,300 and a 0% interest loan for $51,000 (to be repaid by the City’s Storm Water utility fund) for the improvements.  The other $54,300 of the project will be paid through the City of Loveland’s annual road rehabilitation program funds.  The improvements will include pavement repaving and full depth repairs, storm sewer system replacements, installing concrete vertical curb and gutter to replace roadside ditches, replacing driveway aprons with new concrete aprons, and seeding.  A contract was awarded to Innovative Concrete & Utility Construction, LLC on July 9, 2014.  Construction on the project is underway.  The storm sewer system and curbs have been installed.  Guardrail, street paving and miscellaneous restorations is expected to be complete by mid-October, 2014.


Annual Street Project– The annual street program was budgeted to have only $281,853 in 2014.  Of this amount, approximately $54,300 is to be used as a local match toward the above Fifth Street Reconstruction project (above).  The City has also successfully applied for $27,184 of CVT Funds from Warren County to use toward paving Lyon Avenue within the City limits.
The streets that were repaved in June are Lyon Ave. and a portion of Lebanon Road, beginning at Loveland-Madeira Road.  Barrett Paving was awarded the contract, and work has been completed.


Annual Sidewalk Program– Inspections of existing conditions of sidewalks and driveway aprons have been completed in the Fox Meadow Farms subdivision on Scranton Ct., Sinclair Ct., Wheaton Ct., Albright Dr., Brandenberg Dr., Rollins Dr., Stockton Dr., Vanderbilt Dr. and Wittenberg Dr.  Maintenance violation letters were sent to those property owners where deficiencies were noted, with a deadline for compliance of June 13, 2014.  The remainder of Fox Meadow Farms is slated to be inspected between fall 2014 and spring 2015 for summer 2015 enforcement.  The City’s contractor, Hendy, Inc., has completed the concrete replacements for 2014.


For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, PE, City Engineer, at 683-1050 or