Construction Projects

Construction Projects

Construction Projects


New 1 MG Water Tower- A contract to install a new 1 MG elevated water storage tank in the Commerce Park off Union Cemetery Road was awarded to CB&I Constructors, Inc. on April 24, 2013.  Construction started in July, 2013 and is anticipated to be completed in summer 2015.


Lever Park Elevated Water Storage Tank Maintenance- Repairs, exterior and interior repainting of the 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank in Lever Park, off West Loveland Ave., is scheduled for fall of 2015.  Dixon Engineering, Inc. has been contracted to perform existing condition inspections, engineer the specifications, and inspect the work.


Water Line Replacement on Union Cemetery- The City of Loveland successfully applied for funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for a joint project with Symmes Township and Hamilton County.  The City of Loveland’s portion of the project includes a $577,750 loan with 0% interest over a 20 year term to replace the 10” diameter water line on Union Cemetery Road with a 12” diameter pipe, and a $357,550 grant for resurfacing the roadway.  Hamilton County and Symmes Township each have partial grants and matching funds that they wish to contribute to additional project scope, such as full depth pavement base repairs, limited section of new sidewalk, addition of a turn lane at Lebanon Road, etc.  The low bid of $1,508,858.00 was submitted by Sunesis Construction.  The contractor expects to finish grading all of the ditches and driveway culvert installations along Union Cemetery by June 29. Oglesby Construction, who is pouring the driveways and the sidewalk, will be onsite June 29th to start on the driveway apron restorations.  Their duration is approximately 1.5 to 2 weeks.  Once the driveways are complete, Jurgensen will install the surface asphalt as early as July 13, followed by the permanent striping by A&A Safety on July 15th at the earliest.  Dates are weather dependent.


Nisbet Park Playground Replacement- The City of Loveland is expected to receive a $56,290 Nature Works grant from ODNR, and will provide a $25,000 local match for improvements at Nisbet Park at the north end of Karl Brown Way.  The project will include replacement of some of the playground equipment, and ADA-compliant improvements.


McCoy Trail Spur and Parking Lot- The City of Loveland and the State of Ohio through ODNR are funding the development of City-owned property south of Broadway Street.  The project scope will include construction of a parking lot, connection to the Little Miami Scenic Trail, storm water quality treatment and detention, and associated work.  Surveying has been completed and design is underway by Choice One Engineering.  Construction is anticipated to begin in September, 2015.


Anniversary Park Parking Lot and Heights Repaving-The City of Loveland is providing a 10% local match and receiving funds from Hamilton County Community Development Block Grant for a total of $99,900 for this project.  The project will include milling and resurfacing the roadways of Englage, Florence, Brown, Highland, and West Main from the east terminus to Cherokee Dr., as well as installation of two new parking stalls at Anniversary Park on Englage Ave.


Annual Street Project– The annual street program was budgeted to have only $326,780 in 2015, approximately half of what is needed to maintain the City’s streets on a 15-year repaving cycle. Barrett Paving was awarded the 2014 contract, and has had their contract renewed for 2015.  The 2015 program will include road milling and resurfacing on East Loveland Avenue from the Nature Preserve through the intersection of SR 48, Stockton Drive, Heidelberg Dr. between the north end of Stockton and Lindenhall, Woodwind & Thistlehill within the City limits, and a portion of Paxton Avenue.  The road program will also include limited pavement repair areas on Third St., O’Bannon Ave., Heidelberg between West Loveland Ave. and the south end of Stockton, and on Harper Ave.  Should there be sufficient funds remaining in the project budget after repairing and milling the other streets listed, a portion of Lindenhall Dr. may also be milled and paved, beginning at Lebanon Rd., going west.


Annual Sidewalk Program– Sidewalks within the Right-of-Way are the maintenance responsibility of the adjacent property owner.  The City is in its 6th year of pro-actively inspecting areas of the City for sidewalk tripping hazards.  Inspections of existing conditions of sidewalks and driveway aprons have been completed in the Fox Meadow Farms subdivision on Heidelberg Dr., Rollins Dr., Lindenhall Dr., Wilmington Dr., Rutgers Ct., Lycoming St. and Lebanon Rd north of West Loveland Avenue.  Maintenance violation letters were sent to those property owners where deficiencies were noted on March 27, with a deadline for compliance of June 5, 2015.  The City’s contractor for the 2015 program, Towne Construction, anticipates project completion by July 3.  Glen Lake subdivision is slated to be inspected between fall 2015 and spring 2016 for summer 2016 enforcement.



For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, PE, City Engineer, at 683-1050 or