Construction Projects

Construction Projects

Construction Projects

East Loveland Nature Preserve Pedestrian Bridge– The City of Loveland was awarded an 80% matching grant, up to $80,000 of a $100,000 cost, with federal funds from the Recreational Trails Program being administered through ODNR for the installation of a new pedestrian bridge from the parking lot at 227 East Loveland Avenue over Bares Run creek to improve public access into the East Loveland Nature Preserve.  Choice One Engineering completed the site surveying and design.  Sunesis Construction completed the construction in early 2016.


Downtown Traffic Signal Improvements- The City of Loveland has budgeted $119,500 for an overall engineering study and construction improvements to the traffic signals in downtown Loveland for 2016.  The three intersections (SR 48 at Broadway, SR 48 at W. Loveland, and W. Loveland at Karl Brown) have received radar vehicular detection capability as well as pedestrian push-buttons, as needed.  Capital Electric performed the initial installation and is in the process of refining the settings of the radar detection equipment.


McCoy Trail Spur and Parking Lot– The City of Loveland and the State of Ohio through ODNR are funding the development of City-owned property south of Broadway Street.  The project scope includes construction of a parking lot, pedestrian connections to the Little Miami Scenic Trail, storm water quality treatment and detention, landscaping, lighting, and associated work.  Surveying and design were completed by Choice One Engineering.  J.K. Meurer was the low bidder of the construction contract.  Construction began in October, 2015, was on a hiatus over the winter, and will be completed in spring of 2016.


Nisbet Park Picnic Shelter Improvements– The City of Loveland is receiving a $19,050 Nature Works grant from ODNR, and will provide a local match for improvements at Nisbet Park at the north end of Karl Brown Way.  The project will include improvements to the existing picnic shelter, including replacement of the concrete foundation and installation of gutters and downspouts.  The grant will also help pay for new picnic tables and grills.  The construction is currently underway by Koch Construction.


Annual Street Project– The annual street program was budgeted to have only $301,121 in 2016, less than half of what is needed to maintain the City’s streets on a 15-year repaving cycle. J.K. Meurer was the low bidder of the construction contract.  Determination of the full scope of the project is in progress.  Construction is scheduled to occur over summer.


East Loveland Avenue Sidewalk Extension–  The project includes the installation of approx. 440 linear feet of sidewalks along the north side of East Loveland Avenue from 209 East Loveland to the Moose Lodge Building. The project will provide pedestrian connectivity between the public parking lot, other site amenities and adjacent Nature Preserve to the historic downtown area.  Choice One Engineering Corp. has completed the survey and design.  Construction is anticipated to start in June, 2016.


For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, PE, City Engineer, at 683-1050 or